First Time Home Buyer

Jude Mariarajan

02/08/22 05:31 PM
It was great working with Rob. This is the first time we bought a home. He was always nice and responsive such as gave us detailed reports about the house, gave clear explanation of our each and every questions which we purchased. If you are looking for an agent, I would highly recommend contacting Rob Fontaine throughout the overall real estate process.


Teresa Lessin

12/28/21 04:42 AM
Let on the same day! Rob made sure that we had everything we needed to close on our purchase. Everything. And the duel closings went off without any issues. Thanks, Rob!

First Time Buyer

Akshaya Chandrabose
04/30/21 11:51 AM

It was great working with Rob. He was always responsive, professional, gave us detailed reports about the areas we were looking at. I appreciated him working hard and following up with us even on his time away. If you are looking for an agent, I would highly recommend contacting Rob!

First Time Buyer

Jason and Jackie Silva
02/16/21 12:46 PM

As First time home buyers we were extremely nervous and had many many questions Rob was quick to respond to all of our needs and helped us through the entire process We could not be happier with our purchase and the attention to detail and dedication that was displayed from Rob


Debbie Corrigan
09/24/20 02:59 PM

Rob was extremely helpful working with the sellers and their agent during a critical point of our purchase and sale negotiation. He gave us his honest advice and relayed our wishes to the sellers. He worked with our lawyer and kept in touch with the seller's agent thru the entire process. We are in our dream house now and feel his help on our team was one of the reasons we are so happy now.


Rodica Emanuel
08/19/20 05:42 PM

It was a pleasure to work with Rob. He was patient, kind and attentive Whenever felt pressured. We would not hesitate to utilize his services again.


Dennis Langwell
08/02/20 04:08 PM

Rob was great - very professional and outcome oriented but with consideration of deal dynamics.

Second/Vacation Home

Hairui Liang
Second/Vacation Home
03/17/20 03:19 PM

It has been my pleasure to work with Rob. He is patient, responsible, trustworthy, and dedicated. He has always responded to my questions and requests in no time. He also has great personal skills and works with all related people very well. I believe he is one of best realtors. I am grateful for all he has done for us.


Bruce Twyon
02/23/20 06:34 AM

Rob was excellent at showing us the properties that met our needs and description from out initial meeting. In the past we've had realtors show us what they wanted us to see, not based on what we wanted to see. Rob's attention to detail and listening skills were very much appreciated. I would highly Recommend Rob Fontaine for all your real estate needs.


Don Becker
02/09/20 02:17 PM

Rob Fontaine is a very knowledgeable, competent and organized professional who will meet your real estate needs, whether buying or selling.


Bill Becker
02/09/20 08:12 AM

Rob is a creative, conscientious, loyal and incredibly hard-working professional. He's constantly learning his trade and works hard to come up with honest and straightforward answers to complex real estate problems.


Kim Dixson
02/08/20 03:32 PM

We only "met" Rob online as we are from out of state and were searching for homes remotely. Rob tailored our request and made sure we received timely updates to our search. He even looked at houses that had been taken off the market, sent us a list, and was willing to inquire with the homeowners if we happened to see something that interested us. We appreciate his thoughtful long distance relationship.


Carl Witthoft
11/04/19 01:14 PM

Robert was open, respectful, prompt, knowledgeable. I found him a very easy person to discuss real estate choices and concerns. I have no qualms about recommending him to future clients.


Leslie Natarelli
09/20/19 08:08 AM

It was a pleasure working with Rob. He provided us with the utmost service and our property sold very quickly and very close to asking price. We would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

First Time Buyer

Shane Warren
09/12/19 01:36 PM

Rob was a pleasure to work with. Always made himself available for questions or issues, regardless of the time or day. Took time to make phone calls and do research on our behalf. Confident he always had our best interests in mind. Would highly recommend to anyone!


Tianyong (Morgan) Wang
08/23/19 02:44 PM

Best agent in MA


Rosanne Iacono
08/14/19 08:10 PM

We recently connected with Rob Fontaine purely by accident while we were looking to purchase a condo. When the initial condo wasn't the right fit, Rob searched for others that he thought we'd be interested in. He was always available and took the time to answer all of our questions. He made our purchase seamless. Though we don't plan on moving again soon, I would use Rob again and I highly recommend him whether you're buying or selling.